Friday, March 29, 2013

9 Negative Effects Divorce has on Children

9 negative effects that divorce has on children.


  1. Divorce is so tough. When I was younger, I was part of a group for divorced kids. It helped more than I would have thought. There's a program right now that is starting a curriculum for helping out divorced children which Halsey Minor helped get off the ground. It's called Kids Turn. I hope it goes well and can help kids trying to learn how to juggle both parents.

  2. Divorce is rough. But I was lucky enough to have an amazing lawyer, Marshall Davis Brown Jr. to help me through the tough times.

  3. Thanks for sharing. A divorce mediator is the preferred method of divorce or separation for those couples who are willing and able to work with, not against, their spouse to work out the terms of their divorce or separation agreement.
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