Monday, August 25, 2014

What is considered "Income" when calculating Child Support in Florida

Child Support in Florida is calculated using the Florida Child Support Guidelines. The guidelines use the mother's and father's net incomes to determine the child support obligation.

"Net income" is determined by subtracting a party's allowable deductions from their gross income. "Gross income" includes just about any way you receive money:

business income,
disability income,
social security,
workers compensation,
rental income,
alimony received, and
recurring gifts.

The intent of the definition of gross income is to include as income just about every way you can receive money (or things of value). Of course, there are always exceptions to the rules.

In my practice, I mainly see one way in which people receive money that is not included in their "gross income": child support received for a child of another relationship.

For example, if Dan and Sue are trying to determine what Dan's child support obligation would be, they would not include what John pays Sue as child support for their child.

Once your "gross income" has been determined, you need to determine your allowable deductions - which is a topic for another day. 

It is important to note that the judge will not use an online form or calculator to determine a child support obligation. They use a specific computer program (Divorce Power Analyzer by Floridom) to make the calculation. You should consider having a Jacksonville Divorce Lawyer with you when these calculation are made.


  1. Child support is a financial obligation you will have to pay as he or she matures. If you have the custody then the court assume that you fulfil your financial obligation. The court determines the amounts of child support payments depending upon the parents’ income. According to federal law, go for state agencies who will help you collect delinquent child support payments.

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